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Branch Beer of the Year (BotY) 2016

  • Winner - MildNESS - Loch Ness Brewery

    • Second - LightNESS - Loch Ness Brewery

    • Third - DarkNESS - Loch Ness Brewery

Branch BotY Archive

CAMRA Beers of the Year

All CAMRA members have the chance to nominate beers from their local area for the Champion Beer of Britain (CBoB) competition. This means that beers from all parts of the country have an equal chance to be nominated.

Initial nominations for CBoB are made at a local level so only beers that are produced in the area near you (based on your registered address) will be available for nomination. You can nominate up to five beers in each of the eleven beer categories to be put forward for the CBoB competition, but if you only want to nominate beers in one category, or even just one beer, that’s fine. The more votes, the better the results will be.

The top scoring Scottish beers in each category go forward to judging at various CAMRA beer festivals in Scotland. Winners in each category are then put forward not only for the CBoB competition, but also the Champion Beer of Scotland (CBoS) competition which is judged at the Scottish Real Ale Festival each year.

An Archive of Champion Beer of Scotland winners can be found here - CBoS Archive.

Our Branch Beer of the Year (BotY) is selected from the nominations YOU submit in the Champion Beer of Britain competition. The Branch Committee is able to count votes for beers from local breweries and the local beer attracting the most votes is nominated as our Beer of the Year.

Voting is open through September and October.