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Created 23 March 2020

Currently we are all travelling through unprecedented times where because of the Worldwide Pandemic, our lives are being re-adjusted on a daily basis.

Currently there are no pubs open anywhere in the UK.

Many pubs are offering a "take - away" service where you can phone up, order and pay for food, and in some cases beer, agree a collection time turn up and collect "from the door".

Some breweries are also offering a "collect" service but you are asked to bring your own container(s), prepayment having already been made.

Beer will be measured into a jug, and you can then fill your container from the jug Again turn up at the appointed time. Chances are you will be asked to fill your container outside.

Of course breweries also have bottles, which are not necessarily real ale!

In both cases, phone the pub / brewery to see what is on offer, and when they will be around.

Suitable containers Subject to cleaning out with a bicarbonate of soda - the "cleaning version" rather than baking bicarb - and a good rinse you can use plastic milk or old PET (lemonade / tonic) bottles those with a "wrinkly bottom". Of course there are "growlers", holding up to 4 pints.

To save cross contamination, and to adhere to weights and measures, the beer is likely to be poured into a measure and then decanted into your container, you may be left to do this as it will need a steady pour - you do not want to spill any!

Updated 24 March 2020

CAMRA (UK) have put together an "add on" to the main website which gives detals of "opportunities" all over the UK https://camra.org.uk/pullingtogether/

Updated 25 March 2020

Government Legislation The Government have put in place legislation confirming "Permitted Development" where what was "just" an on licence, may also sell on an "off licence" basis. Those collecting food and beverages may not consume on the premises.


Which specifically states:- Off-licenses and licensed shops selling alcohol, including those within breweries

Please note the Statutory instrument itself refers specifically to England http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/330/contents/made

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COVID-19 advice to events – March 2020 https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/www1-camra/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/27122149/20200327-COVID-19-advice-to-events.pdf